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The GSM Gate Opener RTU5015 and RTU5024 is a very simple device which can be used for authorized door access, controlling gates, switching of remote equipments, car parking systems. Actually the GSM Gate Opener RTU5015 and RTU5024 can be used in places which require to turn ON/OFF your system, machines, equipments remotely with a FREE call from your mobile phone.
Just dial from Authorized User number then the Barrier and doors are opened, or the machine are turn on or off by the GSM Gate Opener. There are no call costs, the GSM Gate Opener rejects the call from authorized number then carries out the turn ON/OFF action.

Whatever application you have and wish to implement we are happy to discuss it with you as we can usually come up with a solution.


GSM Controller for gate or automatic door opener.
For swing gate opener,sliding gate opener,automatic door opener,garage door opener.


GSM remote controller for industrial projects.
For water pump,water tank,motor remote control,solar power remote monitor.

03 GSM alarm system for home or industrial security alarm.
For home or industrial projects alarm,burgur alarm,battery operated gsm alarm box.
04 GSM customized design for customer's requirement.
We can design GSM,GPRS,cdma,3g or 4g products for our customers.

Quality Standards


We Design Rich experience

Huobei has been in the GSM controller products design for more than 10 years,and we have much designed projects including GSM,3G,4G,CDMA products


We Manufacture Quality Control

Huobei has the best QC system for qualified products.


We Service Fast Service

Huobei provide the best before,after sales service,and also can update our products to meet almost every special project requirements.